Overrated Rousey Hot Takes

Since we last saw Ronda Rousey in the octogan getting her head caved in by now Bantam Weight Champion Amanda Nunes, many sports media talking heads have had eerily similar takes on her career. The trend it seems is to announce Rousey was and is overrated as a fighter.

One such example of this thought process comes from Michael Rappaport and Shannon Sharpe on Fox Sports’s “Undisputed”.

Sharpe declares Rousey to be essentially a one trick pony with her arm bar, and Rappaport goes as far as to say, “It’s one of the greatest sports hype machines ever to call her the greatest.”

Jason Whitlock also of Fox Sports got in on the Ronda bashing as well. Whitlock proved how adept he is at unleashing hot takes, when in one tweet he not only took down Rhonda, but he also managed to weasel a Hillary take in there.


But the most egrigous of all the takes, was unleashed by Outkick the Coverage’s Clay Travis. Clay did a full 180 when it comes to how he perceives Rousey’s greatness. You can see the roller coaster of opinions he has on the subject, in the following tweet from @recordsANDradio.


Going from announcing she could beat Floyd Mayweather to calling her the Bernie Madoff of sports in the matter of a year in a half is a wild swing in opinion.

At the end of the day, we have to look at Ronda Rousey the same way we look at someone like Royce Gracie. Gracie was one of the early pioneers of the mens UFC division. He was a specialist in one style (Brazilian Ju-Jitsu) much like how Ronda is a specialist in Judo. Both of them were instrumental in the success of their respective sports, and both of them dominated their field for a period of time. But both also came in at a time when the talent pool was at its shallowest, meaning that once the other fighters around them were able to evolve up to their level and beyond, they were left in the dust. Should that diminish your opinion of their greatness at all? That would be like diminishing the greatness of Babe Ruth. Would he succeed in todays baseball? Hell no, they would wipe the floor with him. But does that make him and Ronda any less great?


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